Event of the Week: 6th Annual Bikers Against Animal Cruelty Motorcycle Rodeo & Pet Adoption


Party Organized by Bikers Against Animal Cruelty Supports Pet Health

Bikers Against Animal Cruelty (B.A.A.C.) held its sixth annual Motorcycle Rodeo & Pet Adoption event on July 20th at the Portland Fairgrounds in Portland, Connecticut. This annual event provides fun for the whole family—there are games, vendors, a bike show, live music, and even a doggie parade! 

In addition to providing fun for pet lovers, this event also helps the beloved creatures in our lives.  All proceeds from the event go toward helping animals get the medical care they need, which includes spaying, neutering, and educating the public on how to exercise responsible pet ownership.  There are animals available for adoption at the event as well, meaning some animals went home to loving families.

Bikers Against Animal Cruelty is a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who have come together to support animal welfare.  Previous iterations of the group held fundraisers and had parties in order to raise funds and collect items for local animal shelters.  These collected items were used to help animals living in those facilities live more comfortably, and to provide the shelter staff with the necessary equipment to give the animals the best possible care.  B.A.A.C. is not a rescue group, but their work helps many rescue organizations.  Through their efforts, B.A.A.C. has been able to help countless neglected and abused animals and educate pet owners on the proper ways to care for their pets.

This spirit of volunteerism and compassion toward animals certainly helped B.A.A.C. at their annual motorcycle event on July 20th. Tamyra Davis of B.A.A.C. said that despite it being “the hottest day of the summer with the threat of thunderstorms all day” the event “had a great turnout with lots of donations and two adoptions of animals.” This great result is a part of a growing positive trend in the public response to B.A.A.C.’s efforts.  Davis says that “the amount of support get year after year from the same people is overwhelming” and that “the word is spreading and is seeing more and more people from all over Connecticut” supporting the organization.  The sun was really on B.A.A.C.’s side for this event, because, as Davis notes, “it rained in almost every town but ours.”

B.A.A.C. used various marketing strategies to publicize their event.  They used Facebook, press releases, their website, and newspaper calendars of events to get the word out in Connecticut. These strategies, the organization’s positive attitude, and a great cause helped to make the Sixth Annual Bikers Against Animal Cruelty Motorcycle Rodeo & Pet Adoption Event a great success.

You can learn more about B.A.A.C. at their website.

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