7 Suggestions: Who Needs a Printer?


Event Brochures, Ad Books, Pamphlets, Booklets, Guides, and Programs

Ready to add an extra professional look to pretty much anything you undertake? Event large and small benefit from the production of beautiful, custom made Event Brochures, printed to your specifications and customized with your own text and images. Whether your event is large enough to require a guide with schedules and maps, complex enough to need detailed descriptions, or special enough to require a souvenir, printing your own booklets is a great way to solve your informational needs.

Where can you use a printed book?

Conferences and Conventions: Include vendor hall and venue maps, schedules for speaker and panels, and descriptions of events to create a complete guide to your event. Honor special guests and include highlights of the event and the organization’s accomplishments

Theater and Music: Playbills and programs let your fans know all about the show. Artist biographies, play synopses, band lineups and more all provide a stunning souvenir that helps your guests navigate performing arts endeavors large and small.

Food and Art Festivals: Publish a diagram showing who’s in which booth and where your patrons can find their favorite artists or flavors. Honor sponsors with ads large and small, and offer special deals.

Weddings and Family Reunions: Create a memorable souvenir for group gatherings of any size. Lay out the schedule or let everyone provide their own updates. Print photos old and new for a unique touch.

Fundraising: Print your own ad book, selling ads to local businesses or group members to make more money. Or, describe your organization’s work in detail, so potential donors can see exactly where their money is going.

New Member Information: A stock booklet is a great idea for any organization. Include names, phone numbers, and email addresses, and any other information that remains the same from year to year, which might be of use to those who have recently joined an existing group.

Annual Updates: Every year, there’s something new. Share your accomplishments with a large group when you write all your exciting information down into a fun narrative, complete with photos and illustrations.

In fact, there are thousands of ways pamphlets and event programs can be used. The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination. Whatever information you need to share with any size group, you can have it professionally printed in a booklet made to your specifications.

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