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Custodes Pacis is Bringing the 1980s Back with Upcoming ‘80s Dance Party

Custodes Pacis is welcoming back the 1980s this Friday with their ‘80s Dance Party. Of course, the party will allow for families and friends to have fun reliving the time when big hair and Technicolor makeup was in style, but it’ll also raise funds for college.

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Gregorrio Santiago, the 19th District Captain’s Aide for the Philadelphia Police, wrote more about Custodes Pacis and the ‘80s-themed party.  “Custodes Pacis is an Italian non-profit organization of police officers and firefighters from Philadelphia,” he wrote. According to the organization’s website, Custodes Pacis also welcomes public safety professionals and deputy sheriffs as well as military members from Philadelphia and local communities.

The party will help Philadelphia students achieve the dream of getting higher education. “The 80’s Dance Party is a fundraiser for our scholarship fund for  Custodes Pacis Organization,” wrote Santiago. “We give scholarships to students graduating high school in Philadelphia that are less fortunate.”

The event, which will take place Friday, February 20 at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5, will feature a live DJ, a photobooth with props, tons of party food and an open bar. Single admission is $60 and couples admission is $105. The event will last from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Right now, the main ways Santiago and the organization are using to spread the word about the event include tried-and true methods like flyers and word of mouth. Word of mouth is one of the most successful ways to promote an event; people generally trust the opinions of friends and family, and if an influencer tells their friend about a certain event, product, or service, it’s more likely that the friend will take the recommendation.

Santiago believes the event will go well and that several of Philadelphia’s students will be helped thanks to the fundraiser. “ hope it goes well,” Santiago wrote. “I think the photo booth with props and dressing up in ‘80s attire will be great.”

If you’re creating an event similar to the one created by Custodes Pacis, Santiago wrote that doing something with gusto is a great way to achieve success. “Just to be dedicated to whatever the cause is for and to get it out to whoever and as often as possible,” he wrote.

To learn more about Custodes Pacis, visit the organization’s website.

Are you creating a fundraiser for your organization or community? What fun themes have you used?


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