A Fairy Tale


This is the story of a Raffle Ticket.

There was nothing special about this particular ticket, nothing that made it stand out from the other custom printed, numbered tickets in the roll. It was made of the same type of paper, ordered through the same web site, printed by the same company, and it carried the same design. The only thing that distinguished this Raffle Ticket it from the others in the roll was its number. It was unique in the same way that all the others were.

But this Raffle Ticket had a destiny.

This singular Raffle Ticket had been designed and ordered online and, along with the hundreds of other tickets in its roll, had been shipped from Big Sky Country to the Buckeye State. While they were traveling with other tickets meant for admission, along with posters and flyers, these Raffle Tickets would be the most important part of the shipment.

They were headed to a gala for the county hospital, sponsored by various community groups. The money the gala raised would go towards new medical equipment and perhaps even better pay for an over worked staff. These Raffle Tickets were meant to make that happen.

The prize was a new car, donated by a local dealer.

The Raffle Tickets sold quickly and they sold in groups. The one ticket was purchased together with three others by a local school teacher, a woman who had spent most of her life teaching eighth graders about history. She had been to the county hospital a few times herself, and she currently had some former students working there. She knew how great the need was.

While she had bought four tickets, there was something about that one that stood out to her. They were all identical, but for some reason the second one from the end just seemed different.

It was different; it was the winning ticket.

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