A Few of My Favorite Things: Top Promotions


Become a Favorite with Promotional Stickers

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head that you just can’t get out? Do you find yourself using taglines from your favorite programs to describe a situation? Maybe you keep encountering the same advertising image in different spaces and contexts. Catchiness and clever marketing stick with you. You can make your message stick with your patrons and fans, too, when you choose promotional stickers as part of your marketing strategy.

Guerrilla Marketing

According to Wikipedia, guerilla marketing is “an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget.” Though the budget may be small, an effective guerilla marketing campaign can become as unforgettable as that catchy tune or tagline or logo or image you keep seeing everywhere.

Event and promotional stickers can be an integral part of your guerilla marketing campaign. A low cost and durable solution, vinyl bumper stickers and economy stickers can find their way any place more costly traditional marketing may go, and beyond.

Keep it Cheap and Simple

Cheap and simple aren’t negative words. You want to keep your costs down, and promotional stickers are cheap when compared to traditional forms of advertising.

You also want the design process to be as simple as possible. Custom stickers can be easily created using your own design or a template to fit your needs.  In addition, you want a message or a brand that folks recognize easily, so consider choosing a simple design for your stickers when you print them.

Bumper stickers are great. You can choose whether you want to sell them or give them away to your patrons, and soon you’ll see them all over town as they adorn you patrons’ automobiles.

But, you might consider smaller, stealthier stickers. Vinyl stickers and economy stickers come in all shapes and sizes and fits for your budget. They make perfect labels, inserts for mailers and once released to you pubic, these stickers will find themselves in any number and variety of public spaces.

A stealthy sticker marketing campaign is perfect for your budget and easy to execute.

Put Promotional Stickers to Work for You

Promotional stickers are cheap and simple to create. They are also effective. You can maximize their effectiveness by carefully planning your sticker’s design to fit your purpose.

Take your audience into consideration. Are you trying to reach out to and strengthen relationships with already existing patrons? Do you have a target audience of individuals who you plan on focusing on? Perhaps you are looking for newer, more affluent clientele or you are trying to reach out to a younger set. What about groups you haven’t yet identified? How will you build curiosity about your brand?

When you design your custom printed stickers, keep these questions in mind. If your brand is well known and you just want to strengthen existing loyalties, you might choose a design with just your company name. If you plan on promoting your website, you’re stickers might include only this information.

Whatever you choose to include, put your custom sticker campaign to work for you.

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