A Good Cause


Principal Rogers would never admit it, but she’s impressed with herself. The school’s budget crunch seemed to come out of left field and had caught their entire administration off guard. They needed to raise some money and they needed to do it quickly. The fact that Principal Rogers was able to organize this benefit so quickly – and get so many people to attend – was something of a minor miracle.

She realized, too, that this spoke to the caliber of the community. While she recognized a number of the faces currently sipping punch and buying Raffle Tickets in the cafeteria, more than a few appeared to just be friends of former students, or new parents who had moved to this school district recently. Given that times were tough all over, it was nice to see so many people doing whatever they could to help their local school.

Part of that help included the new, 42″ flat screen TV that Hank at Hank’s Appliances had donated, free of charge. Principal Rogers doesn’t watch a lot of TV, but she thinks she might be more inclined if she had such a beautiful television in her living room.

“These tickets are great,” says Juanita Mendez, the vice-principal of the school. Principal Rogers ordered them online and each ticket looks like a little school bus . All the posters and fliers had the same theme and everyone seemed to like them. She even managed to get the local news channel to use the tiny buses as a graphic when they did a story about the raffle.

Principal Rogers is unsure of whether or not they’ll meet their goal for this evening , but she’s not overly concerned about that. The fact that the community has come together for this event – and in so little time – means that they can have these on a regular basis. The school is getting great exposure and the community is rallying around them.

At this moment, that’s all Principal Rogers can ask for.

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