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Want to Get Noticed? Get Stickers!

This past Saturday morning on the way into my local coffee shop, I observed a pair of boys in Little League uniforms approaching customers. With very meek voices, not meeting anyone’s eyes, they solicited donations while holding out baskets to anyone who passed by.  Off to the side, Mom and Dad sat, reading their papers and drinking coffee, while their children tried hard to get noticed.

Maybe because it was early, or the patrons at the shop had not yet had their caffeine, I noticed no one stopped to learn more about the cause; no one dropped any money in the basket. And with each fresh rejection, the kids looked more and more frustrated.

I couldn’t help but thinking if these junior fundraisers had a more cohesive campaign that employed a number of strategies, from direct solicitation to social networking to paid advertising and print collateral like posters and promotional stickers, they would have been much more successful.

But, that kind of strategy can get expensive, something you definitely want to avoid when you’re trying to raise funds.  So, then I thought, if I had money to invest in only one kind of physical collateral to complement my fundraising efforts, what would it be? The answer was simple: stickers.

You need to be seen!

An unfortunate truth of our times is that solicitors, no matter how worthy their cause, are often overlooked. With so many individuals looking for help or extra funds, even the most boisterous voices get lost in the chorus. If you want your cause to be seen, you’ll need to try something different.

Promotional stickers allow you to reach out to your audience without saying a word. Vinyl bumper stickers and economy stickers can be custom printed to meet your needs and can help you gain some much needed exposure.

Whether you’re raising funds for your Little League or working to end world hunger, word of your organization can flow freely and visibly, getting into the hands, hearts and heads of your audience and beyond.

When you print stickers with the logo of your organization or the address of your new website and you share them with your stakeholders and individuals within whom you would like to generate interest, you create a marketing tool with unlimited potential.

Generate conversation with bumper stickers that proclaim “Save Our Little League.” Call people to action by asking them to “End Hunger.”  You can pass your custom stickers out in front of the coffee shop when asking for donations. You can include smaller sized economy stickers in your next direct mailing. You can even sell durable vinyl stickers at your next fundraiser to help generated much needed money for your cause.

The Word on the Street

Once your custom stickers are in the hands of your interested parties, they will be placed on cars and computers, backpacks and refrigerators. Your custom stickers may be found in some very public places, raising awareness about your cause.

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