Is This Safe? 6 Place You Should Boost Security


Event Badges, ID Cards, Security Tags

Requiring event participants, employees, or those who will be present on a secure site to wear identification tags is a smart move. A distinctive and prominently displayed badge, either attached to the front of a shirt with a bulldog clip or hung around the neck with a customized lanyard helps identify those who belong, and helps exclude those who don’t. Even organizers are surprised at how useful these event badges or ID cards are.

Where can you use event badges?

Conventions and Conferences: Keep panels and vendor areas secure by issuing event badges to paying participants. It’s no fair if seats are taken up by those who haven’t registered. No one can sneak in when everyone is wearing an easily identifiable badge.

Job Sites: Your equipment and materials are valuable. Reduce theft and losses by ensuring that strangers and thieves don’t get past the gate. Your employees should wear their ID badges whenever they’re on site, and report unfamiliar faces not accompanied by the requisite badge.

Youth Activities: Safety first is important, especially when there are children and adolescents to take into account. Make sure you’re on a first-name basis with students or campers, and double check that people unknown to you are not mingling with your kids! Teach your young charges that all adult associated with your group will be wearing a name tag with your logo and keep out those with ill intent.

Tour Groups: Gathering a group together in a new location? If you don’t know them well and don’t want people sneaking into your tour, a set of reusable security tags is the answer. Just issue paying customer a badge to wear while on the tour. It’s easier to keep your group together if you can identify them, and it’s easier to find tag alongs.

Social Functions: ID badges with each participant’s name help you remember everyone’s name. It’s easier to take attendance, too. These badges create a sense of social cohesion, so you can instantly recognize each other.

Music Festivals and Concerts: Back stage security is a concern, especially if you book big acts. Issue security event badges to keep roadies in and groupies out! For long events, badges let your guests enter and exit at will, and help you eject fence hoppers.

Even after the event, the value of these badges continues to provide your organization with certain benefits. Printing event badges provides your guests with a tactile reminder of your event: badges collected at annual events may be displayed prominently in the home, reminding your guests of enjoyable times and providing their guests with a reason to ask about your group or activity. Sturdy plastic event badges, especially those customized with your guests’ names and adorned with your own custom image or logo, become cherished souvenirs.

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