Behavior by Design Holds Wine and Cheese Social


Behavior by Design Holds Wine and Cheese Social to Discuss Applied Behavioral Analysis

Behavior by Design recently held their Wine and Cheese Social to support their business as well as engage others in Behavior by Design’s approach to behavioral disorders.

The September 11th social held at the Springdale Medical Center in York, Pennsylvania, provided guests with much more information about Behavior by Design’s work with local universities. “We hosted the Wine and Cheese event for college professors and potential interns to discuss our approach and what makes it successful when working with individuals diagnosed with autism and other disabilities, and to discuss how we have collaborated our internship program with local colleges and universities,” wrote Holly Wotring of Behavior By Design.

The company, Wotring explained, specializes in addressing these types of behavioral disorders through scientific techniques.  “Behavior by Design is a Behavior Analytic Company that specializes in diverse aspects of autism and behavioral disorders,” she wrote. “Our clinicians are licensed behavioral specialists and board certified behavior analysts or Master’s level clinicians who provide direct care to clients by specifically targeting behaviors and implementing behavior change procedures using the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We also provide consultative services for children’s treatment teams, families and others involved in their lives.”

Wotring stated that the company’s promotional plan included mailing out their invitations and following up with a personal email. As we have written before on our blog, the follow-up is one of the more crucial parts of a promotional plan. Following up with a call, or as Behavior by Design did, with a personal email, is a great way to make your guests feel like they are a valued part of your cause.

Wotring stated that she hopes the audience for the Wine and Cheese Event will be even larger next year. “Of course, we enjoyed the company and discussions of all who attended,” she wrote. “We enjoyed discussions from professors from Penn State York Campus and York College of Pennsylvania and also gained a graduate program intern from Shippensburg University.” She also described one part of the event, a presentation outlining the company’s approach to addressing behavioral disorders. “Our presentation included a PowerPoint on the basics of Applied Behavior Analysis,” she wrote, also writing that the event featured a “variety of wines from the Adams County Winery.”

What do you think about this event? What kind of social gatherings are you creating?

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