Event of the Week: Black and White Anniversary


NYC-Based Elements Church Rejoices with 5th Anniversary

September 22 was a great night for The Elements Church. The church, based in the Bronx, New York, celebrated its anniversary with the Black & White Anniversary Dinner. The dinner was a way for the church to come together to celebrate its success as well as congregate with friends and family.

The Elements Church blends the message of Christianity with urban culture.We are a dedicated group of people who believe in the vision of church as community,” said Efrain Alicea, the lead pastor of the church. The church wants its members to become a part of a “journey of hope, friendship and sanctuary in Christ.”

Alicea, or Brother E, as he’s also called by members of the church, considers himself an urban evangelist. Part of his evangelism comes from his rap songs, with lyrics Alicea believe came from God during prayer. The church’s site states that as he began writing and performing his raps in 1993, he also started a ministry called Power & Dominion. Alicea realized that many young people could be brought to the church and God’s teachings if they were spoken to “in their own language.”

The event “was our church’s 5th Anniversary dinner,” he said. “We had catered food, soft drinks, juice, awards were given out and we had three music performers, and dancing.  We also had a red carpet outside and everyone took pictures.”

Alicea said the word got out about the event through the use of social media, word of mouth, and email invites. Through hard work of promotion, the event turned out to be a success. “We had over 120 people in attendance,” he said.

The dancing was fun and so was the red carpet and pictures taken outside,” Alicea said in reference to the highlights of the night.

If you’re planning an anniversary dinner or similar celebration for your organization, like this and want some pointers, Alicea has one simple thing to tell you. “Check and re-check your numbers!”

If you want to learn more about The Elements Church and Alicea’s ministry, check out the church’s site and Facebook page. You can also check out The Elements Church’s videos at its YouTube page, buy related merchandise from the church’s Zazzle store, and follow the church on Twitter.

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