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Use Custom Banners to Attract Potential Employees at Job Fairs

Job fair season is rapidly approaching, and employers are amping up their recruiting departments to go out there and tap into the resources at hand. The goal is to seek out the best of the best. Employers tend to look for top-notch candidates who exhibit specific characteristics that will help them succeed in a particular position.

Employers have their choice when it comes to job fairs. Choosing the right job fairs to attend is an important task, especially with regard to the type of candidates that recruiters will be meeting and interviewing. Even if an employer has spent time planning out which job fairs to attend, it is still crucial to attract the cream of the crop within each fair.

How to Attract Attention

The easiest way to attract people’s attention at a job fair is to present them with something that they can’t forget. It’s either that, or mastering the art of first impressions (I’d choose the former, but that’s just me). Now what’s more visually stunning than a large, colorful, custom-made banner?

Printing large format posters, banners and signs are great ways to promote awareness for a particular employer in a situation where so many other employers are vying for that attention. When it comes to poster sizes, bigger really is better. The bigger the poster, the more opportunity the business will have to catch the eye of potential employees.

Employees are Consumers Too

Don’t forget that potential employees are consumers too: they may initially be attracted to a business much in the same way any other consumer would be. Rather than using neutral tones, print a banner with the company logo in vivid, bold colors and see how fast people line up to be interviewed.

These banners, posters and signs are all custom-made to fit what each customer wants and needs, and satisfaction is guaranteed or the order will be reprinted. Choose from an unlimited amount of colors; the full Pantone PMS spectrum is up for grabs!

Banners and large format posters can be printed up to 1440 DPI for absolutely amazing color matches, vibrant images and sharp lines. Vinyl banners come with grommets for easy, on-the-spot hanging, so there’s no need to waste time setting up at the fair. Envision the company logo, bright and brilliant, on a massive banner attracting the best talent that job fair has to offer. Now that’s a great reason to print!

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