Catch Ticket Scammers Red-Handed


How to Avoid Ticket Fraud with Ticket Security Features

You’ve worked hard to plan your event. You managed to adhere to a difficult budget, book the most interesting talent, purchase delicious food and drinks, and you still had enough money left over for all the other supplies. You even saved money by printing high quality, low cost Event Tickets that go perfectly with the theme of your event.

After launching your well-planned marketing campaign online and in print, you start to worry. You wonder if you’ve gone too far. Will the amazing talent, high-class food and tasty beverages be enough to tempt people to commit (gasp!) ticket fraud?

Stay Vigilant

First things first. The most important thing to remember when it comes to ticket fraud is that no matter how cheap or reasonable a ticket price may be, there are still scammers out there who will try to get one over on you.

Keep this in mind on the day or night of your event. Especially if you’ve promoted your event to the general public, be on the lookout for ticket scammers and ticket fraud. Unfortunately, it’s just part of the world we live in.

Be wary, but don’t go overboard! The last thing you want to do is offend your valued guests.

Enhance Your Ticket Security

What can you do to help keep your event secure and prevent ticket fraud? Don’t scrutinize your guests. Instead, add these easy, simple, and all-around smart security features to your Event Tickets.

  • Microtext Security Image Logo (free!) – Stay safe with the Eventgroove logo and secure microtext just below it. Extremely small, this text is very difficult to copy.
  • Hologram – Prevent fraud by adding a hologram to the back of each ticket. Features savvy tamper-evident placement right on the ticket’s perforation line.
  • Glossmarks – Apply glossmarks to the back of each ticket, making them all but impossible to copy. Visually verify the ticket’s authenticity simply by moving the ticket back and forth.
  • Unique Barcode and Number (free!) – Every ticket automatically comes with a special barcode and number printed on the stub for increased security. In Code 93 format, the barcode is easily scannable.

As if those awesome security features that you can add to your tickets with little more than the click of your mouse weren’t enough, you can increase fraud prevention even more by adding your own image on the back of your Event Tickets.

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