Raffle of the Week: Charleston Rifle Club Ladies Auxiliary


The Charleston Rifle Club Ladies Auxiliary Helps Charities through Annual Fundraiser

Charities were given a boost with the amount of money the Charleston Rifle Club Ladies Auxiliary were able to raise through their annual fundraiser. The fundraiser was held May 18 at the Memorial and Life Members Luncheon at the club.

“Our event is an annual money raffle at a private club,” said Sarah Lewis, who is part of the Charleston Rifle Club Ladies Auxiliary. “The Ladies Auxiliary have many fundraising events throughout the year and this is one of them.”

The Ladies Auxiliary is just one part of the Charleston Rifle Club.  According to the club’s site, the Charleston Rifle Club is a private club with many families as its members. “The Charleston Rifle Club is a private recreational facility located on 14 acres on the banks of the Ashley River,” states the site. “Established in 1855, it has been a gathering place of families for decades.”

The club includes a fishing dock and picnic area on a private island, an outdoor pavilion, a ballroom, bowling center, lounge, and a game room.

The Charleston Rifle Club isn’t just a club that anyone can join. Membership into the club is by invitation only. But there is a portion of the club that you don’t have to be a member to utilize. The club’s ballroom is available for rent to the public for special events, such as weddings and special parties.

The fundraiser the Ladies’ Auxiliary held gave away some amazing cash prizes. 1st Prize was $200, 2nd Prize was $100, and 3rd Prize was $50. The proceeds from the fundraiser went toward charities and the club’s Scholarship Fund.

Each member of the auxiliary promoted the event to their friends and family. “Each member is mailed a book of tickets,” said Lewis. Thanks to their promotional efforts, the group was able to raise a sizable amount of money. “This year’s event raised about $1600, making it one of our biggest fundraisers!” she said. “Our fundraising allows us to donate to March of Dimes and a local children’s charity as well as giving at least six $1000 scholarships each year.”

What helped the event become a success was the reasonable pricing of the printed tickets. “The low cost…is a real benefit to our organization.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Charleston Rifle Club, take a look at their website and Facebook page.

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