Event of the Week: Chutes, Beer, & Bullets Book Signing


Local Author Invites Friends and Family to Kick off Book Tour

In his hometown, of Valdosta, Georgia, former class clown Jesse Holder hosted a small town get-together to celebrate the publication of his new, uncensored book, Chutes, Beer, & Bullets: Not Your Grandpa’s War Story. The nonfiction narrative of Holder’s service with the Army’s 173rd Airborne Combat Team in Afghanistan and the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq, this book manages to fit into the narrow niche of military humor while seriously examining the effects of warfare on military veterans.

A new book deserves a new publicity campaign, and Holder wanted to host the party in his hometown to “provide an opportunity for my hometown friends to get their books signed in one spot,” he said. After the party for his friends and family, Holder is set to travel across the nation, promoting his book. With print media past its prime, Holder explained, hosting parties to promote new books falls solely on the author’s shoulders now.

Navigating Your Hometown 

The book signing party was held at the Blue Water Bar & Grille, in Valdosta Georgia, and that they “allowed me to have it at their venue as long as I paid the bands.” Holder also had to rely on social media in order to gather an audience for his book launch. Fans can follow him and learn about the tour on Twitter @Jesse_Holder, or visit his new book’s Facebook page. For the hometown event, Holder chose posters that he printed from Eventgroove, which he posted around town. He received a write up in the local newspaper, too.

Hosting local events in advance of a larger national campaign is a great way kick off any tour. The support of those who know you best, in a community where you know how to maneuver, can make for an uplifting and optimistic start. Plus, as in Holder’s case, it’s always nice to show your friends that you haven’t forgotten the ones who supported you all along just because you’ve hit the big time.

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