Forget Me Not: 5 Reasons 1 Program Is the Best Souvenir


Make Memories Last with Event Programs

Think back on the last couple of years of your life, and try to remember every event you have attended.

Impossible, right?

Consider the possibility of keeping event programs to help remind you of all those little details that, try as you might, you want to retain but mother nature’s aging process is unwilling to let you hold onto. What if they were all neatly printed and organized into a single, informative and aesthetically pleasing memento? Now that would make a great keepsake.

  1. It’s OK to Show Off – What does every proud parent do with their child’s honor roll report card? Put it up on the refrigerator, of course! The same opportunity is there with the event program. Display that spectacular opera you just attended or highlight your nephew’s lead role in the school play.
  2. Who Sang That Solo? – Most people aren’t able to remember the names of everyone they saw in a play or a performance with more than one or two actors. Cue the event program. This convenient book makes a great reference for the performers and may include their parts, a bio, picture, or other specifics worth remembering about that magical night.
  3.  I Like Your Style – Attract attention to an organization even after the event is long over, whether it is a conference, play, festival, or anything else people may look back on fondly. Print a unique logo or design on the event program cover so that anyone who glances at the souvenir will automatically take a gander at the company name.
  4. The Ads Don’t Stop – While buying advertising space can be costly, it can also be very beneficial in generating customer revenue and can help bring exposure to the company. The ads in a souvenir like the event program work the same way. They help bring a company exposure that in this case doesn’t quit. Every time you show the event program off to someone new, you will both glance at the advertisements listed along with it.
  5. Make your Mark – Perhaps the biggest reason why event programs make great souvenirs is that they have a special value to the keeper. Each individual’s experience of an event is subjective, and no one else can remember an event the exact same way you do. Every time you look at the event program, you will be reminded of how special that night was.

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