Event of the Week: Graduation 2015


Ánimo Ralph Bunche Charter High School Celebrates the Graduating Class of 2015

The college-bound students of Los Angeles’ Ánimo Ralph Bunche Charter High School were given a fantastic send-off with the school’s Class of 2015 Graduation. The celebration took place June 5th at the USC Bovard Auditorium.

Green Dot Public Schools’ Ánimo Ralph Bunche Charter High School has an established reputation for molding kids into college-ready students and future leaders. The school, hailed as one of America’s Best High Schools by Newsweek and The Daily Beast, sees more than 90 percent of their graduates accepted into college year over year.


Ánimo Ralph Bunche Charter High School, like each of Green Dot’s 23 schools,  strives to provide a personalized and rigorous educational experience that ensures all students are prepared for college, leadership and life upon graduation.

Green Dot Public Schools, a leading public school expert in Los Angeles and the state of California, has also been named by the U.S. Department of Education as the nation’s leader on school turnarounds, and is the only charter school operator in the nation to spearhead the turnaround of a high school with more than 3,000 students.

Ánimo Ralph Bunche, like many schools, organizations, and companies, has come to rely on online ticketing for its reliability and efficiency. The school’s principal, Nancy Padilla-Flores, reports using online tickets for school graduations since 2010, when one of the school’s counselors introduced the use of online tickets for a school event.

As can be expected from a school like Ánimo Ralph Bunche Charter High School, the graduation celebrated a large number of students successfully completing high school, receiving their diplomas, and commencing with next steps in their educational journeys. “The event has been a success every year,” stated Padilla-Flores, citing how the ticketing system also helped the event planners “easily identify who was allowed access to the event.”

Are you readying this year with your own graduation to plan? Padilla-Flores gave some tips as to how to think about the event’s logistics when it comes to your tickets. “I would advise anyone planning a graduation to think about clearly messaging the ticket logistics to the audience, meaning specifying who needs a ticket and how each should go about getting one.”

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