Holiday Fundraising for a Great Cause


How One Man Sells Raffle Tickets to Raise Funds for Those in Need

As the holiday season draws nearer, many of us who have more than we need begin to ponder those out in the world who don’t have enough. As we sit down to a warm and cozy holiday meal with our friends and families, many of our minds are on the men, women and children who unfortunately don’t have the luxury or the ability to do the same.

It’s exactly that kind of thought that goes into what Christopher Rawles is doing to help the needy this holiday season.

After growing up in difficult circumstances and surviving Hurricane Katrina, Rawles has a unique and positive point of view when it comes to giving back to his community.

If I Were a Rich Man…

While Rawles reports that he isn’t wealthy, he believes that’s no excuse not to give back. In a recent article, Rawles said, “I am not a rich man. I don’t make a lot of money. But whatever I can do to help, I want to do.”

That’s why Rawles is selling Raffle Tickets to help raise funds for families in need this season. To help him in his endeavors, he’s partnered with Catholic Charities in Odessa, TX, which is also his place of residence.

By selling $1.00 Raffle Tickets, he hopes to raise enough money to donate several $200.00 gift cards from local shopping centers to several needy families in the area.

Catholic Charities and Rawles will work together to choose the families who will receive the gift cards.

And to add to the holiday generosity, the raffle will end on Friday, December 14th with a drawing for a live Christmas tree and a $75 Home Depot gift card as well.

Filled With Holiday Spirit

Rawles says part of what has inspired him to help those in need is a story from when he was a child.

When he was only 6 years old and his family was struggling to make ends meet, exchanging presents during the holidays, something many of us are accustomed to, didn’t always happen in his family.

In the spirit of giving on Christmas Day, someone who worked with his mother, and had discovered her family was struggling, generously sent over a truck of food and toys to their house.

This, among other things, has inspired Rawles to help others in need. And selling Raffle Tickets is a simple, fun and easy way to do just that.


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