Event of the Week: John Goodhouse Campaign Fundraiser


Friends and Family Support Oregon State Representative Hopeful 

The months leading up to this upcoming November election are rife with talk about politics. While the focus is mainly on the national level, for Rebecca Goodhouse, her focus is strictly on the state level. This could be because of her personal connection to the race. Goodhouse’s husband, John is running for State Representative in Oregon.

The Goodhouse campaign hosted a casino night and silent auction to raise funds for the race. Goodhouse ordered tickets to pass out to family and friends. Goodhouse explained that the event was “open to the public, but of course our closest supporters and family were invited as well.” The goal was to raise $2,000 and that amount would be matched by another organization and Goodhouse said that they were able to raise almost the entire amount.

Goodhouse explained that her husband is a very active member of the community and involved in many organizations, which meant that they were able to sell tickets to many people who believe in his position for State Representative. They also used Facebook and MailChimp to spread the word, but said that the paper tickets worked best.

In attendance for the night, Goodhouse said, were current State Representatives and a Senator. She said that the most memorable moment was “the oral auction ,that one of the current reps ran, at the end of the night, when guests were bidding with their poker chips!”

Goodhouse said, “Planning the event was easy; the hard part was promoting the event.” She advises promoting your event well in advance! And for such a high profile event, Goodhouse specifically did not invite the press because she wanted everyone just to have fun. It was meant to raise money, but also to blow off a little steam in what is a high pressure career. And ordering from Eventgroove took a little more stress away from the event.

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