Raffle of the Week: Katie’s Dream


Supporters Help a Football Dream Come True with Katie’s Dream: A Passion to Play Football Raffle

A dream to play football was supported by friends, family and members of the community with November 14th’s Katie’s Dream: A Passion to Play Football Raffle, held at the Homeville Volunteer Fire Department in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. The prizes included a $100 Visa gift card, Pittsburgh Passions season passes for two, Pittsburgh sports fan party package, and a weekend at The Waterfront.


Betsy Myers, a supporter and corporate sponsor of the event, wrote about her support of Katie Kacinko, a young woman playing with the Pittsburgh Passions, a women’s football team. “A series of events were planned to raise funds to support Katie’s first season playing semi-professional women’s football,” she wrote. “She tried out for the team after her father figure, Richard McGartland, died unexpectedly in his sleep. One of his last text messages to Katie was ‘Call your Passions Coach. Follow your dream.’ Rich always encouraged Katie to seek out her dreams and reach non-traditional goals.”

Kacinko is also one of the only female volunteer firefighters in Munhall, Pennsylvania, wrote Myers. “She hopes to pursue an education in criminal justice after she finishes high school,” wrote Myers. “She works part-time as a security officer at a local amusement park, and was selected for summer academies for youth interested in criminal justice.”

The tickets were, as Myers wrote, “the major source of fundraising for Kacinko.” Katie’s family and fire hall also hosted a dinner and ping pong event as well as the 50/50 raffle to help her achieve her dreams of sporting success. “Katie raised half of the required funds by selling raffle tickets,” wrote Myers, adding that the funds were raised in less than two weeks.

Promotion of the tickets took place on social media, including Instagram and Facebook. “Katie was able to sell some tickets the night of the ping pong tournament at her local fire hall,” wrote Myers. “But the majority were sold through Facebook posts, group messages and a personal text campaign.”

If you’re creating an event to help someone in your life reach their goals, Myers said that using themes helps sell the event to potential attendees. “I recommend posting as many theme-related photos as possible when using social media,” she said. “We posted a photo of Katie in her new helmet once she hit her first goal of $250. Her GoFundMe.com account raised an initial $350.”

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