Make It Stylish!


Accessorize with Wristbands

When your guests are ready for a fun day or night out, they dress the part. A reggae festival brings with it comfortable ensembles, bright colors and dance ready wear. For a fair or carnival, good shoes for walking and a T-shirt you don’t mind getting a little grease from an elephant ear on are more appropriate. A symphony concert might command something more refined, a tie or an elegant gown. And, the accessory that goes with all of them? A custom DuPont Tyvek® wristband!

You Don’t Have to Leave Fashion Behind

When planning your opus event, you don’t have to leave fashion behind! Event Wristbands can be customized to fit any occasion and any audience. Whether your guests walk in straight from the streets or all dressed up as haute elites, you can design and print custom paper bracelets to fit their style and serve your purpose.

For your reggae crowd, go bright with festival wristbands in a variety of colors. Red, yellow, and green wrist bands are the perfect way to show off a little Rasta pride and allow you to manage your crowd effectively, while staying in the groove of the event.

Fairs and carnivals can benefit, too. Manage admission to special events and rides with festive carnival wristbands and make it easier than ever to keep your event secure without sacrificing any of the fun.

You can keep it understated for your fashion forward crowd. Custom wristbands in complementary colors, ensure their outfits won’t clash with the collateral and help you maintain an orderly and dignified event.

Make Art of Wristbands

Of course, you can choose to print Event Wristbands in just one color or you can add your own design, making them one of a kind and even more coveted by your fashionistas! There is room for your own unique image. Imagine your stylish logo or event branding gracing the wrists of hundreds or thousands of guests!

Green is the New Black

If your guests are style conscious, they’ll appreciate the fact that Tyvek® is recyclable. Green is definitely in this season, so show off your commitment to environmental sustainability by giving your guests the option to reduce waste and recycle when they depart the venue.

Function and Form

Tyvek® wristbands for events aren’t just the sought after ornament of your fashion forward guests. They also serve a number of important functions during your big occasion. From security to crowd control, they help your event run smoothly from start to finish.

Not only do they help you to identify who should be at the venue, they allow you to make sure the right guests are in the right places. A coveted backstage visit or special event can be managed quickly and easily, simply by checking the color of your guests’ admission wristbands. If you’re serving drinks, bar wristbands help to make sure that younger guests are not able to imbibe. For added security, you can include sequential numbering or a holographic design in order ensuring authenticity.

Style on a Dime

You don’t have to break the bank in order to print custom wristbands for your event. Inexpensive Tyvek® wristbands can be designed and printed online. Order them in bulk and you may qualify for an added discount. You’ll have revenue left over to buy that fancy outfit you were planning to wear to your successful event!



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