Event of the Week: Montucky Derby


Photo by Candice Wilson

Excited roller derby fans had a wild night July 13 when the Gallatin Roller Girlz played against themselves during the Montucky Derby. The event, held at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds in Bozeman, Montana, exhibited the roller derby organization’s love of sport and helping others.

The Gallatin Roller Girlz are a registered federal 501©3 non-profit organization and a non-profit of the state of Montana. The organization, supported through donations and community support, welcomes women 18 and over as league skaters and women and men 18 and over as referees and non-skating officials.

The organization’s mission is to empower others through roller derby. “We are an Amateur Sports Organization that fosters national sports competition through the development of amateur athletes for national competition in roller derby,” states the organization’s site. “Through intensive training, competitive activities, and community involvement, the Gallatin Roller Girlz strive to embody specific core values, including hard work, motivation, perseverance, respect for cultural diversity, and continuous personal development.” The organization aims to be positive role models for young people by displaying proper sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and integrity. 

The Montucky Derby was an interleague bout between Twisted Sisters vs. Trauma Queens. “ goal is to increase awareness about our organization, offer a family-friendly event, and help fund training initiatives,” said the organization.

The event was fun for everyone, but it also provided help a valuable service. “e gave a portion of the proceeds to the Friends of KGLT,” said the organization. The Friends of KGLT is a 501c3 non-profit that provides financial support to KGLT-FM, a non-profit, non-commercial radio station supported by the community of Bozeman and Montana State University. 

The organization used print advertisements such as the local events paper, Big Sky Weekly and Bozeman Magazine, television interviews with sports anchors at ABC Montana, KTVM, and KBZK, and radio spots on KBOZ, Eagle, KGLT, and KISS FM. Posters were also posted around town, stated the organization, and the event was also promoted on their website and Facebook fan page.

“All combine to make it a great blitz,” said the organization. “Radio reaches the most people locally – Facebook is the best bang.”

This was the first intraleague bout the Gallatin Roller Girlz have had. “The crowd loved it – even sat through wild thunderstorms.”

This is the fourth bout the organization has produced, and they said that reaching out is imperative to having a successful event. “Reach out to your community! Getting feedback after your event is imperative to help make the next one even better,” it said.

You can learn more about the Gallatin Roller Girlz at their website, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

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