Muskego Youth Basketball Raises Money with Raffle


Muskego Warriors Garner Support from Community, Local Sports Teams

The Muskego Warriors, a Wisconsin youth basketball team, gathered support for their basketball team with December 8th’s MWYB Club Raffle. The raffle included prizes such as a Toshiba 50” 1080p 120Hz television, an Anderson Badger Jersey, a signed Segura mini-helmet, and much more.

Kevin Greenthal, Board President of the Muskego Warriors, talked more about the event.

“Our event was a boys’ basketball tournament for grades 4-8. We decided as part of a fundraising event to hold a raffle. This is why we purchased the raffle tickets,” he said.

In order to get the word out about the raffle, Greenthal talked about the different promotional tactics used.

“In order to attract teams, we used three main techniques,” he said. “One, we posted the event on any website where basketball tournaments are posted. Two, we asked our coaches to reach out to other area coaches. Three, we contacted all teams that had participated in the past.”

Greenthal said the event was a success. “The event went really well,” he said. “We filled out our tournament with 40 teams and it was a major success.”

What was great about the event was the support received by the community and the fun the kids had that day. “The best part of the basketball portion of the tournament was definitely the DJ that we brought in to play music and sound effects during the games. It provided an incredible atmosphere. Kids really like that type of thing and it made a huge impression,” he said. “With regards to the finance portion of the event, the raffle made a huge impact. We asked, but did not require all kids from our program to sell five $5 raffle tickets prior to the tournament. We got about 75%  participation. We also sold raffle tickets at the event. Prizes were donated by the local sports teams like the Milwaukee Bucks, Wisconsin Badgers, and Milwaukee Brewers. The raffle went really well.”

If you’re planning a similar event, Greenthal has some great advice. “With regards to the basketball portion, think of ways that make your tournament unique. Differentiate yourself from other tournaments in the area,” he said. “If, like our club you are a non-profit organization and want to raise funds for your program during the tournament, think of ways to do that in a way that appeals to the kids and parents. For example, in addition to the raffle, we also held a 3-point contest, which the kids really enjoy. Not only did we raise funds for the program, but the kids and parents enjoyed the tournament.”

You can learn more about the Muskego Warriors at the team’s website.

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