Event of the Week: Navy Khaki Ball


Naval Submarine Base at Kings Bay Trident Refit Facility Holds Prestigious Ball, Celebrates High-Ranking Chief Petty Officers

On September 28th, the Naval Submarine Base at Kings Bay Trident Refit Faciliy near Jacksonville, Florida, held their Navy Khaki Ball. The Ball was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Jacksonville Florida. MMCS/SS Repair Department Leading Chief and Assistant Senior Watch Officer Rayshun A. Edwards was pleased with the event.

The Naval Submarine Base at Kings Bay is the U. S. Atlantic Fleet’s home port for U.S. Navy Fleet ballistic missile nuclear submarines that are armed with Trident missile nuclear weapons.  This 16,000 acre base houses both the USS Florida and the USS Georgia’s Tomahawk missile-carrying SSGN submarines. The base’s Trident Refit Facility is the largest tenant command at Kings Bay, and since 1985, it has housed a significant portion of the United States Fleet Ballistic submarines at sea. The Trident Refit Facility provides quality industrial-level and logistics support for the incremental overhaul, repair, and modernization of Trident submarines. The Facility also furnishes global submarine supplies and spare parts support. The Facility also provides support services and maintenance to other regional maintenance customers, submarines, and performs other activities per request.

The facility also possesses the largest covered drydock in the world. The drydock measures 700 feet by 100 feet by 67 feet. Also, the state-of-the-art Magnetic silencing Facility at the base provides degaussing services, which include the ranging and removal of permanent magnetism for submarines of the U.S. Navy and the British Royal Navy, as well as steel-hulled surface warships. The Magnetic Silencing Facility is the only facility of its kind on the East coast, and it is used as a model for research and development of future systems.

According to the Senior Chief, this is “the annual ball to celebrate those that are advanced to the rank of Chief Petty Officer and we, the Navy, are the only armed force unit that has this milestone achievement.” The event was publicized through “ads in the local paper,” according to the Senior Chief. He added that the Ball’s “target audience is small because less than 10% of men and women who are enlisted in the Navy make Chief Petty Officer.”

The Navy Khaki Ball went very well, said the Senior Chief. It was “outstanding,” and everything went according to plan.  The ball draws a high caliber of Navy officer—even the “Submarine Force Command Master Chief came from Virginia to speak at the Ball,” according to the Senior Chief.

Senior Chief Edwards advises others who might be planning a similar event to “start early” and “get your venue and meal planned in the first couple of weeks.” He also advises others to “set deadlines for ticket sales and seating arrangements” to make sure everything goes exactly as planned.

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