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Streamline Your Box Office with Online Ticket Sales

We live in a twenty-four-hour society. Is it reasonable for your patrons to expect you to maintain a twenty-four-hour box office? Well, yes! You may already be selling theater tickets online, or you may be wondering how to add that functionality to your website, or whether the return on such an investment would be worth it.

Wherever you are in the process, there’s an easy way to add another portal to your sales arsenal. Eventgroove is an Internet-based service that lets you create a page for your upcoming show and sell tickets right from the website. You don’t need to know anything about creating web pages. It takes literally five minutes to fill out your event information. This site does the rest!

Not only does Eventgroove create a page for your event and sell tickets for you while you sleep, it doesn’t cost anything to join or add an event. The only cost is a small, three percent surcharge per ticket sold. You can cover it yourself, split it with your customers, or add it to the cost of their ticket. Most theatergoers don’t mind paying an extra dollar or so for the convenience of purchasing event tickets from the comfort of their own homes. You have the added convenience of being able to accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Whatever your ticketing needs, Eventgroove’s got it covered. Create seating charts of your venue and sell reserved seats. Offer different pricing for students, seniors, or advance buyers. You can even use Eventgroove to link to Eventgroove, where you can print real paper tickets! In fact, users of this site get a great twenty percent discount on ticket printing.

Eventgroove also helps you promote your event with email marketing, embeddable buttons, and easy access to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This site even provides all the tools you need to track sales with charts, reports, and search functions. And if you need to offer a refund, or cancel a show, the site makes it a snap.

Ready to move your theater forward into a bold new year? Take Eventgroove for a test drive!

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