New Ways to Promote Your Event and Engage with Consumers


There are a lot of tried-and-true ways to market events, but there are some new spins on popular tactics that will separate your event from the pack. Keep in mind, trying out new ways on old tricks will probably require a little more work, planning-wise, but if you put the time and effort in, your party or fundraiser will be a showstopper.


“Innovation,” Boegh (Creative Commons/Flickr)


Christine Lagorio-Chafkin wrote about several new marketing innovations for Inc., such as creating a mini-event within your main one. Ian Greenberg, senior vice president of New York-based ad agency Show Media told Lagorio-Chafkin that his team regularly uses the couched-event method to create buzz and uniqueness. “We try to create an event within an event where we can touch a consumer one-on-one, where you can engage directly, and teach them about your product, and do so by interacting in a quality way.”

Livetweeting is something that probably seems reserved for discussing primetime television or sporting events, but you can also use livetweeting for your own promotion. Hubspot’s Gina McDuffie wrote that using an event-specific hashtag and tweeting live updates will encourage online conversation. “Reminding attendees of the hashtag at the event makes it easier for them to share news with their networks,” McDuffie wrote, who also recommends naming a member your team as the official livetweeter.

Broadcasting live is another way to take your function to the next level. If your occasion is annual or you produce a lot of events throughout the year, live internet broadcasts could make those envious watchers early registrants for your next event. Paul Colligan, director of content marketing at Instant Customer told the Social Media Examiner’s Cindy King, “The important thing is that they can connect with you right now…You’ll be surprised how many touchpoints the content from your live broadcast can have[.]”

These are just a few of the new ways you can promote your event and engage with your audience. Which of these tactics will you implement?


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