Event of the Week: Night of Horror


Southern University Puts on their Third Annual Night of Horror Event for Over 900 Students

Across the country, people celebrated Halloween with costume parties and haunted houses, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s Southern University was no exception. The university put on their Night of Horror Haunted House, which, of course, provided lots of scares as well as a ton of fun for the hundreds of attendees who love when things go bump in the night.

Julius McCray wrote that the event was put on by one of the school’s most beautiful representatives. “October 31st’s Night of Horror Haunted House was our third Annual Haunted House event put on by our University queen,” wrote McCray. “This year the 84th Miss Southern University Shanice Sam had a great and exciting event.”

To promote the haunted house, McCray detailed their multi-faceted campaign. “We used may methods to market our events,” he wrote. “We used a strong social media campaign. During this campaign we posted flyers, pictures, and videos of what to expect from this event.”

Video is a very effective way to promote an event, especially if that video is easy to disseminate to the public through links and embed codes. According to Startup Nation, 52% of video viewers took action based solely on the information in the video. Also, if you’re selling a particular product, 16% actually bought the product promoted in the video.

The campaign was a huge success and the haunted house became a packed house. “The event had a great turn out,” wrote McCray. “We had over 900 plus students attend out event.”

“The highlight of the night were getting complements on how scary the haunted House event was, wrote McCray. “It really brought joy to all those who helped to know our hard work was not in vain.”

Are you already planning your haunted house or Halloween party for next year? If you’re already knee-deep in ghosts and goblins , McCray has some advice that could help with your party or event planning.

“My advice would be prepared and planned for everything that can happen,” wrote McCray. “Anything from small injuries to students getting scared and backing out of the Haunted House can happen. Just be prepared and have a plan in place for any and everything.”

Are you planning a holiday event in advance?

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