Outdoor Outlaws: Real Adventures in Nature


YouTube Channel for Hunting, Fishing, and the Sporting Life

Short dramatic videos about fly fishing may appeal to a niche audience, but, as Chris Keig and the Webeye Group have made abundantly clear, it’s a market that turns out in droves to sample the catch of the year at their annual Fly Fishing Film Tour. Now Keig brings his particular brand of excitement to the smallest screens with the launch of a YouTube channel focused on the colorful characters and nonstop adventure of the sporting life. Outdoor Outlaws launched May 9, 2013, presenting completely original content in the area of outdoor adventuring.

The popularity of reality programming and Keig’s experience with the interesting adventurers encountered in his work with Warren Miller Entertainment and the Webeye Group inspired Outdoor Outlaws. Original serialized Internet content becomes more successful every year, but Keig determined that outdoor adventure activities comprised an overlooked market. Following the most interesting characters from incident to escapade would keep viewers coming back for more, and while the audience could never predict the outcome of their unscripted challenges, everyone could enjoy the journey.

Kings of Game, the first series to launch, features the Holeman Brothers, Bear and T-Bone, unapologetic outdoorsmen from Key West, who live the dream: lives arranged around their love of fishing and hunting! In their June 7, 2013 premiere episode, one brother visits a shooting range while the other takes clients spear fishing on a gorgeous coral reef. In Episode 2 a planned tarpon fishing expedition is aborted in favor of a shark hunt. Episode 3 finds them in alien territory up in the northeast, where Bear catches a massive striped bass and presents it to his brother as a birthday gift followed by the two expert hunters and fishers being baffled by a New England lobster!

Future episodes will take viewers across the country and around the year with adventures that feature the boys overcoming the obstacles of summer and winter environments. It’s hard to resist the charm of these rough and tumble brothers or the siren’s call of their spontaneous and exciting lives. While each episode can stand alone, the real joy is in getting to know the characters and understand their unique approach and joie de vivre as the viewer follows the nonstop adventure of their very existence.

In the first month following its release, Kings of Game attracted 10,000 views with another 10,000 views logged after the introduction of episode 2 on July 6, 2013. Within three days of its upload, episode 3 had garnered 1,000 views, relying primarily on the promotional powers of social media and email newsletters, and Keig is confident a 10,000 viewer growth will be attained with the release of each new episode, with one release planned every month. His Webeye group has already made successes of the F3T Film Tour and a newer Hunting Film Tour, along with 15 years of production experience in outdoor programming including TV series, commercials, automotive running footage, event marketing, and custom video. They fully expect a monthly audience of 15,000 unique viewers per month for their new series by the year’s end.

Streaming online entertainment may very well be the next big thing, and Keig is excited to find himself on the cutting edge of entertainment technology. Game of Kings has already attracted not only an enthusiastic audience, but also a strong group of enthusiastic sponsors. Potential supporters for current and future planned series are encourage to contact Keig at 303-815-1070 or keig@webeyegroup.com.

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