Event of the Week: Pinoy Pride Bowling Fundraiser


Fun and Games: Bowling Brings Community Together

For the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning) community, sometimes it is hard to feel accepted. Pinoy Pride Vancouver (PPV) is a group that fights hard to change that. Stella Reyes, Co-chair of PPV, explained, “Pinoy Pride Vancouver is a social and community group for the Filipino-Canadian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) community. PPV is dedicated to increase visibility, to provide a safe, respectful place and raise awareness of and promote acceptance of its members.”

“Our group is committed to work together with the different associations and organizations within our community. We realize that funds are also needed for the numerous collaborations we are planning for next year. These projects can only be accomplished through individual and corporate contributions to Pinoy Pride,” Reyes said.

On November 17th PPV held a community Bowling Fundraiser. 24 teams/120 bowlers came out to have fun and support a great cause. Reyes said that the bowling alley was completely packed with bowlers, as well as their family and friends. Food, drink and entertainment were included for the night. The night was open for kids and adults, so no one was left out. Reyes said, “Awards will be given away for Best Individual Score, Best Team Score and Best Team Costume.”

Past events held by PPV have led to many donations to the cause. This has allowed PPV to participate in great events like, “the Vancouver Pride Parade, registration for Human Rights sessions like the GLISA (Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association) North America Conference and involvement in several mainstream events like The Scotia AIDS Walk for Life and Vancouver Sun Run. In the Filipino-Canadian community, the group was present at Philippine Independence Day celebrations,” Reyes explained.

The bowling night was a wild success, according to Reyes, and raised money and awareness for PPV.  In addition, “PPV was the first visible ethnic group to host a Pride event, the “Kaboom Party,” where half of the proceeds were given to the Lighthouse of Hope which conducts mission work in Africa and Kenya through the World Compassion Project. PPV feels secure in the knowledge that our community will be highly supportive and compassionate to LGBTQ issues,” Reyes said. More information on PPV can be found on their Facebook page and Twitter account.

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