The Poyntlyss Sistars Raise Money for PALS


Concert Featuring The Poyntlyss Sistars Rockin’ Show Band Supports Paws As Loving Support Assistance Dogs

Paws As Loving Support Assistance Dogs (PALS) put on a show  and raised awareness  about their organization May 18 with a fun concert! The concert, The Poyntlyss Sistars Unleashed, featured The Poyntlyss Sistars Rockin’ Show Band, a San Francisco Bay area favorite that performs popular dance music from the ‘50s to today.

Cheryl Collins, the fundraising director for PALS, explained more about the event. “The event was a fundraiser for Paws As Loving Support Assistance Dogs,” she said. “The Poyntlyss Sistars Band donated a two hour concert and the Rio Nido Roadhouse donated their venue.  This was the first big fundraiser since the organization was started in 2009.”

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Collins said that PALS is made up of a very small non-profit organization of volunteers. “Our costs go mainly for vet care and training supplies for our puppies in training for service. We usually only have about six dogs that we train, sometimes as long as three to four years, so it does get expensive.”

The dogs are trained to serve in one of many different areas. The areas, Service PALS, Facility PALS, Social PALS, Therapy PALS, Reading PALS, Comfort PALS, and Courthouse PALS provide help and companionship to those in need. According to the organization’s site, Service PALS help children with autism and their families. Facility PALS help professionals who work with children with special needs. Teams of Social PALS, Therapy PALS, Comfort PALS, and Reading PALS volunteer with the community to meet certain needs. Courthouse PALS give comfort and emotional support to witnesses and victims of violent crimes before, during and at the end of a trial.

To promote the benefit concert, Collins said that PALS spread the word “through email, Facebook, flyers, posters, promotion through the venue and band,” who announced the concert at their other events. “Most attendees were supporters, family, and friends,” she said.

The event was not only fun, but it also gave the organization a huge boon. “The event was a huge success earning almost $10,000, enough to provide a service dog to a child with autism at no charge!” said Collins. “The best part of the event was the music, food, drink and over all festive atmosphere.  The big surprise was how much the silent auctions and raffle earned.

If you’re planning an event to help your local organization, Collins said to rely on yourself to get the job done. “My advice is not to depend on people who say they can sell a lot of tickets!  Get out there yourself and push, push, push sales,” she said. She also added some other tips. “Make sure your venue is not too far away,” she said. “Also people like giving silent auction items[.]”

You can learn more about PALS by visiting their website. You can learn more about the Poyntlyss Sistars Rockin’ Show Band by visiting their site.


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