Event of the Week: Purelements COAR Benefit


An Evolution in Event Promotion

Every June, the students in the Purelements COAR program hold a benefit concert. “Purelements is a performing arts education dedicated to teaching arts to children in the New York City area. We pair professionals with students who are unable to afford quality artistic education.  Together the students hone their skills to become tomorrow’s leaders and professionals in the performing arts world,” Paul Wilkins explained.

“During the event, the students of our COAR program demonstrate their acquired skills to a very large audience. Over 1000 guests will enjoy the artistic capacity that our students have attained. We are steadily meeting our goal, to continue funding the arts for students and families in need.” COAR is the Center of Artistic Refinement arts program at Purelements. In this program, a diverse population of students take part in a multi-disciplinary training in the performing arts. Students range from age 3-21 and receive training two days a week from January to June. This culminates in the June Concert fundraiser.

Marketing for a Cause

How did Purelements market its past and recent June concerts? The organizers used a combination of eblasts, traditional fliers. The organization ordered customized print collateral for the event. “I feel that Eventgroove has definitely helped show a level of quality that has attracted more guests,” Paul said of the custom tickets that were ordered for the event. Paul believed more tickets were sold because they looked professional.

Word of Mouth

“In addition to fliers, and eblasts we have asked our parents and volunteers to spread the word to as many people as they can in their community,” Paul said.  The general popularity of the program and word of mouth did a great deal to sell the event. “We have also encouraged all our parents to spread the word about this wonderful event.”

Providing Perks for VIPs

This year, for the sixth annual event, Parents received their tickets in a special envelope branded with Purelements paraphernalia. They were also allowed to pick custom seats.  “The parents like their ability to choose custom seats for their families.”

This is an excellent take away for organizations hosting similar events. When attendees are provided with additional perks they feel very invested in the event themselves. Because they feel that they are a part of the event, guests will work to recruit others.

Stay Creative

When your organization is promoting its fundraising event, it pays to stay creative. Stick to traditional strategies like eblasts and print collateral, and think outside the box in order to get folks engaged in your event. Purelements provided some perks to build good will with family members of students. What might your organization do to get your guests to work for you?



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