Holiday Raffles


That Benjamin Franklin was a smart guy, but he could be a little on the gloomy side. After all, he said that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. But he forgot the obvious – and much more entertaining: holidays! There’s a holiday during every single month of the year, and every holiday brings its own unique opportunity to create excitement with a raffle!

Sure, we all know about the big holidays and the events that go along with them. That giant turkey during Thanksgiving, the elaborate pumpkin at Halloween, or ornate tree at Christmas could all be yours if you mange to buy that winning raffle ticket and your number gets called. The 4th of July is also a great one for raffles, particularly if the proceeds are going to a good cause. Nothing could be better than winning a convertible at the start of the summer just by purchasing a few tickets.

Every month brings another holiday, and even the lesser known holidays are good opportunities to roll out the raffle welcome wagon. Imagine a Mother’s Day gift of a raffle ticket that wins her a dream house! Arbor Day and Earth Day are perfect for custom raffles featuring Earth friendly tickets, designed to promote environmental awareness. Tickets for your Valentine’s Day party can fall on whichever side of the romance debate you prefer: embrace all things red, white, and pink, or go against the grain raffle off a trip for one. Raffle Tickets come in all forms, so beer isn’t the only thing that can be green on St. Patrick’s Day!

While you don’t necessarily need a reason to have a party or event, there are certainly plenty of holidays to choose from, and they all have themes that can be expanded upon with unique and entertaining raffles. Hey, you can even come up with a new one of your own – Ben Franklin Day seems to be available!

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