Event of the Week: Retail Therapy


The Retail Therapy Pop-Up Boutique Showcases The Hardour Collection Fashion Brand

Fashion lovers were treated to the Retail Therapy Pop-Up Boutique October 25th at the Amnesia Show Club in the Bahamas.  The boutique showcased the Hardour Collection, created by Anthea Bullard.

Pop-up-boutique-Hardour-Collection (1) (2)“The event was inspired by me wanting to bring the latest of my collection along with some old favorites to the people of my hometown of Grand Bahama as a fashion art museum style.  As such I featured Gowns, Resort wear and Ready-to-wear.” Bullard wrote in an email interview that guests had the chance to see the designs modeled and touch and feel the art on display.  “It literally was a pop-up boutique, a retail store along with a classy evening of wine, smooth jazz playing, champagne and hors d’oeuvre; after all nothing says Hardour like simplicity and class.” Items up for sale included hats, shirts, scarves, HC logo dresses, and more.

With tons of product to showcase, there had to be an effective marketing campaign. Bullard achieved marketing success by utilizing several channels. “The event was marketed through social media, posters displayed in businesses along with radio advertisements such as cool 96 and love 97,” she wrote.

Through using the radio, internet and physical marketing, there was more than ample business for Bullard and her pop-up boutique, and the event’s non-traditional style kept shoppers engaged and excited.

“The event went excellent,” Bullard wrote. “The turnout was awesome and a different style from the traditional fashion show. were able to get an up close and personal look at the collection and of course, shop! “

The boutique’s guests were bowled over by the unique mannequins on display. “The best part of the evening was the reaction of the guests as they saw the all 14 mannequins on display,” she wrote. “They were in awe!  It’s always a pleasure when a nice group of people can come together and enjoy an evening of fashion.”


Are you a fashion designer looking to create your own pop-up boutique or fashion event? Bullard states to make sure your team is one who is clear on your vision. “I would advise them to put together an amazing team, because teamwork makes the dream work,” she wrote, also advising, “plan early and take advantage of social media.” 

Bullard is already using her own planning advice, because she’s planning on taking her pop-up boutique to Nassau, Bahamas next year. “I’m super excited about this one!” she wrote.

What ideas do you have for your pop-up boutique or fashion show?

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