Event of the Week: Retro Revival featuring Rockin’ Out


Up-Stage Entertainment Concepts Celebrates Retro Rock and Disco

Up-Stage Entertainment Concepts put on a fantastic show the 23rd of February. The show, called Retro Revival featuring Rockin’ Out not only had awesome songs, but also great crowd interaction.

According to the official site, Up-Stage Entertainment Concepts provides shows catering to all occasions. Types of shows include artist tributes, bands, DJs, solo performers, karaoke, and more.

Up-Stage Entertainment Concepts has produced local performers into professional entertainers for the past 10 years or so. Some of their tribute acts include Meatloaf, Pink, Shania Twain, Joe Cocker, Chrissy Amplette, Amy Lee, Alice Cooper, Pat Benatar, Kenny Rogers, Allison Moyet, Gene Pitney, Marilyn Monroe, Aretha Franklin, and Anastacia. Some of their concept outfits include Howyagarn: A Tribute to Aussie Rock, Justice for All-Australia’s Premier Metallica Tribute Show, 33⅓, The Rock N Roll Show, and their newest show, Rockin’ Out.

Watto Isboss of Up-Stage Entertainment Concepts explained more about Rockin’ Out. “The Retro Revival Concert was an expansion Show to a one set production we did in December,” he said. “Rockin’ Out is a name we gave to the line up, of which there were four of us, myself and three ladies on stage,  performing live, the Retro Revival, which consisted of three sets including, 70s rock, disco, and 80s rock.”

Isboss talked about what Up-Stage Entertainment Concepts used to get the word out about the event. “ posters at the venue, Facebook, texts, posters at local businesses, etc.,” he said. Their primary objective, he said, was “for the punters to have a wonderful night experiencing the themes we deliver. I’m happy to say that we achieved that goal quite convincingly.”

Isboss talked about what made the show a success. “ ould without a doubt be the crowd interaction… The dance floor was never empty,” he said. “The on stage highlight would definitely be the crowd response we got for delivering an awesome a capella start to ‘Carry on My Wayward Son.’”

Isboss said for anyone else putting on an event like this, planning and practice are key. He said that Retro Revival turned out, for the most part, how he expected it to go. “I don’t leave anything to chance with my productions, due to a very anal planning process of mine,” he said. “All in all, a very successful evening.”

You can learn more about UEC from their official site as well as the company’s Facebook and MySpace pages.

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