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Event Programs as Catalogs to Increase Sales

Whether you’re a small business owner, a part-time sales rep, or run a charity auction, you need a convenient and attractive way to display the items you have for sale. These days, many people turn to the internet to display and sell their items, and there has been a recent decrease in the number of printed catalogs available for the perusal of consumers.

But there is still something to be said for printed catalogs. Even those that choose to create online catalogs often have a printed version as well. This way, if the customer requests a printed version specifically, they will be ready to send one without delay. And with fewer catalogs on the market today, you may have a better opportunity to display and sell your items in print, especially in a tight-knit community or small town setting.

Creative Display

Use a unique design to format your catalog and help to grab customers’ attention. Event program printers offer the advice of expert graphic designers to assist you in the creation of your catalog. They can be a great resource in helping to plan the organization and layout. Depending on what type of company you have or what kind of products or services you offer, you may want to format things a certain way in order to increase the value of the catalog as a marketing tool.

The List Goes on

Create a catalog that is concise and to the point, or put the full spectrum of your products on display with event programs. They can be anywhere between 4 and 64 pages long, giving you a lot of room to list products or a few pages to feature your best and brightest. It all depends on the needs of the company or organization from which the products are being sold.

Increase Capacity for Sales

If you live in a small town or close community, you know that news travels fast. Word of mouth can be one of the easiest and cheapest ways to market items as the customer does most of the work for you by telling their friends and recommending your products to them. It’s also one of the most credible forms of advertising as one does not tend to recommend items that aren’t worth their cost to a friend or neighbor. Create a unique printed catalog to send out to your small town or close community, and start getting the news out about your business. Once they see the attractive and organized event program catalog in their mailbox, people won’t be able to stop talking about your products.

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