Roll Up Your Sleeves and Roll Out Your Event


Roll Tickets are Perfect for Low Key Events and Raffles

Attention event-planners! Do you need simple and secure tickets for your upcoming event, party or fundraiser? Here’s a simple way to help complete your low key event.

Some events call for high-quality tickets with logos and fancy designs. But for simple and straightforward events that don’t require for a black tie or a limo ride, roll tickets are perfect.

Whether you want to hand out door prizes, have a quick drawing, or just give your guests simple food or drink tickets, roll tickets are will help you keep your event safe and secure, without going over the top.

Simply the Best

If you need tickets for your low key event, you can choose from single or double roll tickets that come in three unique colors. Both Single and Double Roll Tickets include their own special features.

  • Double Roll Tickets: Allow your guests to keep one ticket while you keep the other. Keep track of ticket sales and help increase securitywith sequential numbering on every ticket, plus the “Keep This Coupon” text that serves as a friendly reminder if you’re planning a raffle or prize draw.
  • Single Roll Tickets: Featuring consecutive numbers on each ticket for tracking and security, Single Roll Tickets are great for general admission, along with games, rides, concessions, and any aspect of your event where your guests may want to purchase many tickets.

Both Single and Double Roll Tickets come in rolls of 2,000 each. If you want low cost, no maintenance tickets for any event or raffle, roll tickets are a great way to go. Simply choose a color, and you’re already set to go!

Reward your guests for coming to your event. Give each one a Double Roll Ticket as a raffle ticket. No designs to choose from, and no mess to fuss with. Just simple, straightforward fun!


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