Raffle of the Week: SCHS Volleyball Team


Springfield Catholic High School Volleyball Team Raises Money Through 50/50 Drawing

The Springfield Catholic High School’s Volleyball Team had a big helping hand from the surrounding community when they held their 50/50 Drawing October 2 at the Springfield Catholic High School Gym. The winner of the drawing received a huge prize—half of the funds collected from the raffle ticket sales.


Julie Ast detailed how the fundraiser was promoted. “Each player was asked to sell five tickets,” she wrote. “The winner won $775.00 and the same amount went back to the volleyball team.”

The selling tactic used for the fundraiser goes along with what The Fundraising Authority’s Joe Garecht writes in his article outlining tips for holding successful raffles. “In order to raise as much as possible, train your staff and volunteers to really sell the tickets,” he wrote. “This means encouraging guests who are only buying one ticket to buy two or three, sending staff members roving from table to table selling tickets, and ensuring that the emcee makes several announcements about the raffle from the podium. Don’t be pushy, but do sell.”

The fundraiser reiterates the high school’s love for and support from the community. “Springfield Catholic High School has a long-standing tradition of being a supportive and collaborative community whose mission is to develop students both spiritually and intellectually,” wrote Principal Jeanne Skahan in a welcome statement for new students and parents. “At Springfield Catholic, values are woven into the fiber of each student’s being—and that’s not just important for our students, it’s important for our world. Springfield Catholic High School forms the minds, hearts, and souls of tomorrow’s leaders and that is our greatest source of pride.”

Springfield Catholic High School aims to prepare its students for the tough road of life ahead. “At Springfield Catholic, we recognize that high school is a time when young men and women face a number of tests inside and outside the classroom,” wrote Skahan. “Springfield Catholic High School prepares students for the ethical and moral challenges they may encounter as adults, as well as the academic challenges of college.”

Thanks to the efforts of the team, the drawing “was very successful” and accomplished their goal of raising necessary funds for team projects.

Is your sports team thinking about holding a raffle? Write about your raffle ideas below the post.


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