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Antique Wedding Gowns to Help Raise Money for Children and Seniors

Most women have some idea of what they want their dream wedding dress to look like, even well before they’ve settled on bigger details, such as the identity of the man they intend to marry. Many little girls play dress up bride in their mother’s white dresses. And the Florence-Siuslaw Lion’s Club, a non-profit organization, capitalizing on this interest, sponsored a luncheon/seminar spotlighting wedding gowns dating back to the early 1800s.

The seminar portion of the afternoon on September 29 included expert Linda Brown giving a presentation of the traditions and expectations of wedding gowns from the 1800s to today’s modern trends. The luncheon provided salad and desserts while Linda Brown showcased her own personal collection of antique wedding gowns.

Committee member Linda Stine explained that “The men of the Lions Club were great help in walking through the audience of over 120 (primarily female) attendees to help show the most fragile of the antique gowns which could not be shown on live models due to their age.” The event was all for a good cause, as funds raised by the luncheon are going to be used “to provide eyeglasses and hearing aids for those in the community who cannot afford them and to provide vision testing at local elementary schools,” Stine said.

In order to gather a crowd for the event, the Lions Club members sold tickets and spread news by word of mouth. They employed the slightly smaller Drink Ticket format to use as their event tickets, choosing tickets with a design to match their publicity posters, which helped share the time and details of the event. They also printed a press release in the local newspaper, and hung their posters in businesses throughout the town. Stine said that the club members spreading the word worked the best.

Stine said that part of the success of planning of the event was because they had a small committee. “This was our first event of this type. We met often and reviewed every aspect of the event at every meeting. It was a great experience,” Stine explained.

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