Event of the Week: Sports Boosters and Barbecued Chicken


A Successful Athletic Booster Club Fundraiser!

You are awesome. Your product was perfect… plus you were cheaper anyway, even with the added 2 day delivery charge! Thanks so much! I also really like the reminder, so I don’t forget next year!

~ Leslie Pirl-Roth

I recently had the chance to catch up with Leslie Pirl-Roth to discuss her organization, The CW Athletic Booster Club’s, fall and spring fundraisers held in Robesonia, PA. “The CW Athletic Boosters club supports and helps fund ‘the extras’ for all school sanctioned sports here in the Conrad Weiser Area School District High School. The biggest event we fund is the Senior Banquet, where our students get a meal and a plaque! The event is one of two fundraisers (one in Fall, one in Spring) in which we sell BBQ Chicken, made by Kaufman’s, which is a huge deal in our little corner of the world. This is my second year being the ‘CHICKEN LADY’ … but I am also the secretary of our great organization!”

How did Leslie and her team get the word out about their fundraiser?  They used several strategies from sharing news of the event through word of mouth to hanging posters, taking out print ads in the school paper, advertising on the school website and just selling the tickets themselves. “We depend on our student athletes to sell them, but we also buy extra chickens because when folks around here see ‘Kaufman’s chickens for sale,’ they will stop and buy some!” The biannual booster event is a real success. Leslie told me, “We make decent money to support our kids.”

For Leslie and the other boosters, the best part of the fundraiser is “seeing how many kids are willing to help us out when they don’t have to.”

Even when things didn’t go according to plan, there was a positive outcome. For instance, “One time we ordered extra chickens but ended up with about one hundred extra. Lots of chicken corn noodle soup was made for the concessions stand.”

“This year, I completely FORGOT TO ORDER THE TICKETS!” Leslie told me. “I was in panic mode, went on line, saw your site, saw your prices and figured out that it was cheaper to use your product anyway, even with a two day delivery charge! I especially like the reminder that I will get from you to order the tickets for our spring event. At any rate, we were ON TIME getting the tickets out to our kids to sell!”

What kind of advice would Leslie share with others planning a similar event?  “Get kids to help, they’re young enough to do all the running around!”

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