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Printing Custom Stickers for Youth Ministry

Running a youth ministry can be challenging. Luckily, it’s rewarding, too. When you’re dealing with kids, teens, and young people, you know how difficult it can be to keep your message relevant. You have to compete for their hearts, minds, and time. With school, family, peers, and all of the distractions of their fast-paced world, you need to find ways to keep it fresh and fun. When you have a youth ministry to run, promotional stickers can help!

Sure, kids respond to new media. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are popular outlets for young people. But, these types of media are ephemeral. Update your ministry’s status or send out an inspirational tweet, and before long, your words have already disappeared into the feed.  Custom stickers are great because they are real. Young members of your flock can hold onto them, see them, touch them, and interact with them. Placed somewhere visible, custom stickers can provide a lasting message that won’t just disappear.

Say Something Profound

Bumper stickers have always provided the perfect format for a profound statement. Whether you choose something witty and cute or something deep and moving, the words printed onto an eye catching vinyl bumper sticker will literally stick with their audience for a long time to follow.

When you’re ready to inspire members of your youth group, print vinyl stickers with a significant bible verse or an important message you’ve been trying to convey.  You might have them printed with the name of the church or the youth group’s name or its website. Choose a message for your custom printed stickers that you know will resonate with your young people.

What you don’t say

As important as what you say, is what you don’t say. Make sure to create a design that reflects the style and tastes of your group members. You want your young people to like the promotional stickers you have created. Choose vibrant colors or the logos of your youth group. You might consult with members of your ministry when creating the design. Get them in on the process and involved in the design.

Get them engaged in what you’re doing.

Share the Word

You can hand custom stickers out at bible study or at spiritual retreats. You can give them away at church services. Best of all, you can share them with folks who might not yet be involved with your group, whether they belong to your church or not.

Vinyl stickers and economy stickers can help you minister to individuals. When reaching out to youths who may need help or counseling, stickers of varying sizes can be of great use. Have the stickers printed with contact information for your organization, so that young people in need can quickly and easily find you.

Keep Costs Down

When managing your youth ministry, you really want to make sure the money you spend is going fuel your cause. Custom printed stickers are low cost, but effective.

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