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Dance School Holds Anniversary Recital

If you have a child who’s serious about dance but you aren’t a dancer yourself, it can be difficult to determine where the best instructors are. Of course, if you find a studio that’s been successfully teaching young people to move in style for 20 years, you can probably be sure they know what they’re doing.

Dance Class, located in Laurel Springs, New Jersey, is one such institution. On June 1, they celebrated two decades in business with an anniversary recital. Debra Anmuth, founder of the studio, says they were looking to have a “fabulous year-end performance.”

To that end, she says they “really went full-throttle with everything, from lights to props and beautiful costumes.” They hired a lighting designer to give the show, “A Pirate Tale,” as polished an appearance as possible. Anmuth considers the whole event to be a spectacular achievement.

“Wow, what a production,” Anmuth recalls. “Not only did our students perform fabulously, but we had the most spectacular scenery, with everything from a boat which glided across the stage through fog and mermaids to a rousing good time pub scene. I couldn’t be happier!

“We also introduced our newly-formed dance company, Classified,” she states. “The company performed five numbers that they had taken to competition this year and won many gold and high gold awards .”

Anmuth began dancing as a child and studied classical ballet, jazz, modern and theatre in college, where she won an award for her efforts upon graduating. She went on to spend many years performing and dancing competitively. Anmuth started teaching after completing an intensive five-year dance teacher training program.

Dance Class offers a range of options for those interested in dance, gymnastics or fitness. A class for three-year-old students gives them the basic elements of ballet, tap, singing, and tumbling. Other classes include ballet, contemporary, couples’ ballroom, hip-hop, Irish step, musical theater and Zumba.

The name of the studio may sound too simplistic, but Anmuth chose the play on words to showcase the group’s commitment to maintaining “an level of professionalism while offering the best dance, gymnastics, and fitness education possible.”

About her team of instructors and the school as a whole, she says, “I am so pleased with our team of highly-educated and professional instructors.  I truly believe that our school can provide a full-service performance education for those wishing to perform at the professional level.”

They used e-mail blasts, Facebook and posters placed in local businesses to get word out about the celebration, and Anmuth says the creativity of her group really aided the planning process.

“Talk, talk, talk! Just a quick conversation with a little idea can take from that little idea to an awesome event. Allow others to give you ideas and feedback on your ideas. By combining the creative thoughts of your staff members, you are also giving validation to your staff that they are an integral part of your creative process.”

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