Event of the Week: The Summer Dance


The Summer Dance Highlights Local and Regional Bands in California

The Summer Dance was a big way to begin the summer season. The event, which took place in San Jose, California on June 14, featured several local bands, including The Hitmen, Jammin, The Niteliters, Tortilla Soup and Mystique. Anita Garcia, the owner of Momentous Events by Design , talked more about the event.

“The event was a kick-off to summer celebration,” she said. “We brought together five local bands giving them the opportunity to play for their fans.” Garcia said the celebration gave “the fans a place to have a good time and dance in a safe environment.”


Garcia also explained more about one of the bands. “Our band, Tortilla Soup, has developed a large fan base in central and northern California in part due to the talented musicians in the band. The marketing strategies we use are very grassroots,” said Garcia. “We use Facebook to communicate to our fan base. Our fans are the best. They have supported us throughout the years by attending our performances and shows. While we use Facebook, a lot is done through word of mouth. We also utilize public radio and free local printed publications.”

The efforts to promote the event were successful; tons of fans came out to support their favorite bands. “The event went very well,” said Garcia. “Each band played he dance floor was always packed. We received many positive compliments. Everyone had a great time.”

Garcia included a comment from one of the fans, a fan who traveled over three hours to attend the event. “ had a fantastic time on Saturday. Great music. Nice open area to dance in. even had the tacos. All together it was a great experience. that came up from Fresno on Saturday want to know where and when…Tortilla Soup is playing…next.”

But the night wasn’t without its surprises. “With every event planned, there will always be surprises,” she said. “… well-planned and well-communicated planning process minimizes the amount of surprises.” One surprise included taking care of the event’s sound situation. “Our own personal sound man who we take everywhere stepped up to make everything work,” she said. The best part of the event, she said, “was receiving all the positive compliments at the end of the night.”

If you are planning a music festival, Garcia has some great advice. “When planning an event like this one, it is important to look at it from the attendees’ viewpoint,” she said. “What you want to create is a pleasant, positive experience from the minute they pull into the driveway to find parking to the end of the night. Using that as your objective then on your planning process.”

“The key in planning a successful event is the planning process. If everyone involved understands what they need to do and when they need to do it minimizes any glitches,” she continued. “My advice would be to check and double check that everyone fully understands their roles. If you’re unsure if you’ve covered everything, I would suggest having an event manager review your event.”

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