The Art of Giving Back


Holiday Charity Raffle Gives Back to Local Community

Throughout the year, Art of Oconee is revered in the town of Lake Oconee, GA for providing high quality and impressive artwork from professional, local area artists. Because the town has been so supportive of the original art gallery over the years, Art of Oconee held its second annual holiday raffle on December 5th, and donated all proceeds to charity.

Relishing the opportunity to give back to a community who has helped support them so much, Art of Oconee partnered with the St. Vincent dePaul Society to help raise money for their local area mission work.

The St. Vincent’s local chapter in Lake Oconee is very active in the community, and relies on generous donations to their charity in order to help keep serving those in need.

This Art of Oconee holiday raffle was a simple and fun way to support their important work.

Spirit of the Season

According to a recent article, gallery marking director Cathy McIntire spoke about the reasons for hosting the holiday raffle. She said, “The gallery likes the idea of being involved with the community. We are able to help out a special group, plus everyone becomes aware of the art gallery and St. Vincent DePaul.”

Art of Oconee wouldn’t have been able to host this holiday raffle without help from the generous artists who donated their art as prizes for the lucky raffle winners.

To put an interesting spin on the prize, not one, but fifteen pieces of artwork were put aside in the gallery for the winner of the raffle to choose from.

The winner was able to choose between beautiful pottery, intricate jewelry, and unique paintings.

Pay it Forward

If you own or work at a local business and you’re looking for a way to give back to a community who has generously helped your business grow, consider hosting your very own holiday raffle.

Enlist local members of the community to donate prizes, and find a charity whose cause you support and who you’d like to see prosper.

A spirited holiday raffle need not be fancy to be successful. Find low-cost Raffle Tickets that are easy to design, simple to have printed, and truly reflect the meaning of your raffle.

There’s no better feeling in the world than giving back, especially during the holiday season. Start spreading the spirit of gift-giving today!

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