The Best Business Decision I Ever Made


Custom Stickers Go the Extra Mile

I run a small business, a coffee shop close to downtown. We’ve always been open twenty-four hours for those who just can’t sleep, and we just opened a breakfast joint upstairs for those who want to get a bite after a night up. Right now, we’re popular with the local college kids and neighborhood regulars, but I’d like to see a more diverse clientele.  My advertising budget isn’t huge, but if I want people to know about us, I need to invest in something. That’s why I decided to have some promotional stickers printed up.

To be honest, I didn’t realize how popular the custom stickers would be at first. I chose to go with vinyl bumper stickers since that was what I was familiar with. One of my regulars, who happens to be a freelance graphic designer, offered to help create a logo for me—he  uses my place as his office most days, so it’s in his best interest this place stays in business—and a couple of my other regulars helped choose which sticker design was the best.

It was pretty cheap to have the stickers printed. I gave a few to my regulars who, I’m proud to say, went right out to the parking lot and put them on their cars. The bumper stickers were pretty cool, and folks started asking about them.

One of the baristas suggested that I try and sell the stickers instead of just giving them away. So, I did that. And, much to my surprise, folks bought them! I had customers paying me so that they could advertise my business. That’s not a bad deal.

With the money I made back from selling the bumper stickers, I had a few more designs drawn up. I had vinyl stickers created in a couple of other sizes and shapes. A lot of my patrons are into the whole “green” thing, so they wanted stickers for their bikes and skateboards. Since I try to keep my shop popular with the environmentally friendly crowd, I didn’t mind accommodating them at all.

Now from time to time I see a bike locked up at the grocery store or in front of the library with a custom printed sticker from my collection.

I really feel like my business is getting great exposure with these custom stickers. While I can’t tell how many new folks have come in because of them, I can tell you, I’ve started to see a lot of new faces since they went into circulation.

Because the promotional stickers were so popular, I decided to have some smaller, economy stickers printed up with a mini-version of the logo. I use those as labels now on our bags of roasted coffee beans and ground coffee. Sometimes I give one back with change to a new customer, so she’ll remember to come back to the shop the next time she’s in the area.

I’m glad I chose to invest in custom stickers for my business.

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