The Festival-Goer’s Guide to Fun


How Event Programs Make Festivals Easier to Navigate

Festivals are a lot of fun, but they can sometimes be overwhelming. Many festivals today feature multiple days, several stages, and perhaps even more than one central location.

How does the modern-day festival-goer navigate the chaos in order to enjoy the most out of a festival? Well, that’s easy: use the event program.

You Are the Navigator

To maximize performance-watching potential and experience the biggest highlights at a festival, the most important thing to do is to use the map. The map will likely point out where each stage is, where the restrooms and food vendors are located, and may also list other important information such as the first-aid area or other places to get help. The map is one of the most useful items to be included in the event program.

The Line-up

Don’t miss the band that everyone has been talking about because of confusion over the time of the performance. Just reference the trusted schedule that can be laid out conveniently in the event program. It will likely reveal exactly who plays at what time, how long they will perform for, and what stage or location they will perform at. Keeping event program close at hand can help maximize the potential for entertainment.

Tell Me More

Those who attend festivals often want to know more about the band or performing artist they are watching. Many artists book festivals in hopes of attracting more fans, specifically new ones that may never have heard of them before. There may be additional information on the performing artists in the event brochure that you can read on the spot, take with you to learn about later, or show off to others. Just another reason your program is such a great festival companion.

Show Me the Money

Sponsors are a big part of putting on a festival. In many cases, the festival may not have come to fruition if the sponsors hadn’t been there to pony up the dough to purchase the appropriate resources. One of the best things about the event program is that it can also double as a list of the sponsors that will then get the recognition they deserve from the festival attendees. In addition to this, the event program can also be used as a kind of ad book, generating extra revenue that can be used to buy supplies, decorations, or even compensate a performer. All in all, event programs give your average festival-goer the opportunity to navigate the modern-day festival in an organized, intelligent and insightful way, while also providing a way to add extra revenue that benefits everyone involved.

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