The Hottest Ticket for the Coolest Guests


Get Recognized by VIPs with Custom Wristbands

It’s a perfect night. With a line out the door, the club is at capacity. The DJ is spinning music that makes everyone want to get out and dance. The floor is packed. The bar is packed. The whole place is packed, and swimming with VIPs. How do you keep track of them? With custom printed wristbands, of course.

Free drinks, back stage access, an invite only after party – you plan on treating your very special guests to these and more. Secure colored DuPont Tyvek wristbands, allow you to set these important attendees apart from the crowd. Just slip the all access wristbands on them when they slip past the velvet ropes and give them a little extra just for dropping in.

Cool and Functional

Tyvek wristbands are flexible and durable, somewhere between paper and plastic, they are comfortable to wear, but they are strong enough to stay in place no matter how fun the party gets. Available in a variety of colors, event wristbands are fashion forward. Have the whole rainbow printed, and let your guests choose the right ones to match their attire.  Because they can be printed on, you can include your venue’s logo and information about your event.

Guests can make a fashion statement with their admission bracelets and you can keep your event secure.  Because not only are event wristbands aesthetically pleasing, they help you manage your event effectively. Colored wristbands help you easily identify your VIPs. They also help you determine levels of access. Will only some of your guests be allowed back stage or invited to the afterhours event? Admittance can be easily determined by your staff simply by a quick view of the guest’s wrist.

If you are serving alcohol at your event but you are allowing underage guests or you want to identify the designated drivers in the crowed, event wristbands make it simple, allowing your servers to make quick decisions in a busy atmosphere.

You can have wristbands securely numbered to ensure that your VIPs are wearing authentic ones. These official event wristbands help keep interlopers out of your midst. Additionally, numbered wristbands can be used for fun events. You can use them to draw numbers for door or raffle prizes, maybe free admission to another club event or tickets for a weekend getaway at a hip new hotel.

And just in case your guests try to share their VIP status with uninvited individuals, you’ll be pleased to know that your event wristbands are non-transferable. They cannot be easily removed without damage, so the folks you see wearing them are genuine.

Out on the dance floor guests may work up a sweat. No worries. These event wristbands are also waterproof, too. So encourage your party goers to get out there and have a great time.

High Rollers at a Low Cost

Fairly inexpensive, event wristbands are quick to design and print and are an invaluable part of your next big club event or party.

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