The Modern Yearbook: Making Memories in Contemporary Style


Print Event Programs and Create Modern Memories

Remember your high school yearbook? Every once in a while, though high school years are long since gone, you pull it out of the bookshelf and glance through it. You look at the pictures, the names, the lists of who was in what club, who had the best hair, and who was nominated for the most potential to succeed (yes, it should have been you, but that’s another story).

What if you could do that for the group you belong to now, as an adult? It would be folly to rely on memory alone to recount events throughout the year, or try to remember the names of all the members on a certain panel without some sort of cheat sheet. There’s a plethora of information you can utilize to share with the group as well, all you need is the right format to use.

Classy and Attractive

Make a modern yearbook look snazzy and appealing by printing event programs. With these booklets, you have the option of adding literally any design, and can even work with a graphic designer who will help you create a unique booklet that satisfies the needs and desires of everyone involved. One of the best things about these printed booklets is that they are full color and full bleed, which makes them look very professional and worthy of recognition.

Organized and Informative

Just like a high school yearbook, include pictures and names, bios, and other interesting information about members in your group in the event program. This way, people can look back at this booklet for years to come and view people’s faces and names without having to try to recall them with no help. You can even include information on donations or other important addresses that members should have on-hand and can take with them. Get a head start on planning your group outings and include a schedule of upcoming events for members of the group to discuss and look forward to.

Space and Strength

Event programs can be printed any length between 4 and 64 pages. That gives you the opportunity to include as much or as little information as you want to. Keep it short and sweet if you only have a couple of things to highlight to your group members, or make it detailed and comprehensive so that people can refer back to it time after time for important information. You can create lasting memories with a modern yearbook, and the event program is a contemporary way to do it.



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