The Moment of Truth


Tom fidgets.

He’s always had nervous ticks, from tapping his feet to playing the drums with his fingers and any available surface. He doesn’t need a reason. Tonight, though, he has one: a big, beautiful, 42″ HD TV that could be his for only a dollar.

Tom takes a sip of his punch and looks at the drawings on the wall. He loved attending elementary school here and he wishes he could give more than just a dollar, but times are tough. He likes to think that the ten people he convinced to come with him to the fundraiser tonight make up for only being able to buy one Raffle Ticket. Tom knows full well how important both education and community are, particularly for kids.

If Tom’s number isn’t the one that’s called, he’s hoping one of his friends win. At least then he could watch TV at their house. They’re all sports fans, and while the Lions might play indoors, the Tigers have an outdoor stadium and he loves the way the grass on a baseball diamond looks in HD.

“Can I have everyone’s attention, please?” Tom recognizes principal Rogers from when he went to school here. She doesn’t look like she’s aged a day. “It’s time for the drawing for the flat screen TV!”

Tom gulps down the last of his punch and tosses the plastic cup into a nearby trashcan. He walks up to the makeshift stage, as if being closer will increase his chances of winning. His nervous feet have stopped, but have been replaced by a tingling in his stomach. He’s trying to visualize principal Rogers calling out his number. He could really use some good luck.

“And the winning number is…,” says principal Rogers as she digs her hand around in the brown paper lunch bag they’re using to hold all the tickets. She pulls one ticket out and looks at it. “002875!”

Inviting so many friends to the fundraiser wasn’t just good for Tom’s karma: they also help him carry his new TV to his car.

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