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Event Programs for Organizational Success

Small and medium sized conventions and conferences can become even friendlier when participants have a simple way to redefine their social networks: in print. Rather than depend on Internet forums, you can help your guests and members out by publishing a print directory including only information that those involved are comfortable sharing with the group.

The idea of a face book predates the online social network. Used in schools, these little booklets included names and photographs of students, so that older students could identify new ones, and so that everyone could get a little extra help remembering the name of that kid they met at that party, or figuring out who that girl down the hall was. If your event is to include wide-spread socializing, there’s nothing like a list of names and faces to keep things friendly and social.

It’s easy and inexpensive. Here’s what you do:

1)   In advance of the event, contact those attending and ask them to provide headshots along with some standardized information they wish to share with the entire group.

2)   Compile the image files along with the text.

3)   Compose an introduction to the pamphlet or the event, along with any another information you’d like to include.

4)   Organize your group’s logo, along with any other digital images you’d like to you.

5)   Send the files out to an online publisher, who will print your books fast and ship them directly to you.

6)   You can mail your booklets out right before the event, or distribute them at registration.

This kind of event program helps your gathering become easier. In many groups, there may be tight knots of friends, newcomers who know no one, and shy wallflowers. Printing out a list of names, faces, and some interesting information about each person encourages mixing and mingling. Older members can see immediately which new members may need some encouragement, or may be of interest to them. New members can determine which older members they want to approach. And everyone can remember everyone else’s name.

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