The Search


The internet can be a wonderful source of information when it comes to planning a raffle and all the various trappings that can go along with it, from where to buy raffle tickets to how to make your own raffle tickets. But sometimes all that information can only serve to muddy the waters. The question then becomes, how do you make sense of it all?

What’s Your Type?

Often times people will search online based upon the specific type of raffle they are planning. With so many sources of information to choose from, it can be a good idea to narrow things down by focusing on either your main prize or your main cause. For example, looking for information on a house raffle or a car raffle will help narrow down your results.


When looking for information online, it’s important to focus on the basic components of a raffle. You need to determine what kind of tickets you need, from raffle tickets to event tickets. Or perhaps you’ll need wrist bands – that’s another option as well. Even after you determine what you need, you need to figure out how many rolls of Raffle Tickets you’ll be able to sell. And, of course, you’ll need a drum to hold those Raffle Tickets!

Finding Inspiration

The plethora of ideas that can be found online can be overwhelming, but at the same time it can lead you to ideas you might not have considered otherwise. Searching for things like raffle ideas, raffle prize ideas, or how to sell raffle tickets can give you all sorts of possibilities to think about.

Stick to the Plan

In the end, the hardest thing about searching for raffle information online is separating the forest from the trees. Don’t let all those ideas get out of hand so you can focus on having the best raffle you can!

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