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Skip the Line and Save Time with Event Badges at Music Festivals

I’ve been going to music festivals for years, and it happens to me almost every time I attend a fest—you know—the obligatory time-wasting, song-missing, and buzz-killing phenomenon known as, simply, waiting in line.

We’ve all had to do it, and no one really likes it, so why do we stand for it? Well, I for one am a music lover, and I know a good amount of my fellow Chicagoans who wouldn’t call summer a season without the music festivals we have here. Still, even though we don’t want to miss the music and the fun, we hate waiting in line!

Last month I went to a music festival that had come up with an absolutely brilliant idea: event badges. They had the unique logo of the festival right on the front, decked out with bright colors and cool designs. They even had all the festival’s sponsors printed on the back so we knew who to thank for helping put on all the great music.

One of the best parts was the lanyard (necklace) that came with the badge! Why, you ask? Several reasons:

  • Fashionable—great color and design imprinted right on it
  • Reusable—I attach it to my nametag at work
  • Nostalgic—when I wear it, I remember the great music!

Another great thing about the event badges was how durable they were. I mean, we ran around like crazy for 3 days straight going from stage to stage to beer tent to stage, and it even rained for several hours one of the days we were there. But the event badges stayed perfectly fine throughout the entire ordeal, no tears or smudging at all. They were so convenient that I couldn’t believe that was the first festival I’d attended that used them. As far as I’m concerned, every festival should use them!

Ultimately, of course, the very best thing about these event badges was that it made getting into the festival a cinch. We showed up expecting a long line with tens, maybe even hundreds of people waiting to get in. What we found was an organized, simple, and hassle-free system with the use of the badges. As soon as everyone received their badge, we were free to roam in and out of the festival without having to dig for our tickets or worry about losing them. All we had to do was throw the badges around our necks and have the time of our lives!

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